Hair extension display stand, full display beauty salon shop charm!

1.Displaying the products and services of the beauty salon shop and attract the attention of customers

In the pursuit of external beauty, a well-designed display rack can be your source of inspiration and fashion guide. Now, let’s explore how beauty salon stores can skillfully use display shelves to show every product and service to the fullest!

First of all,Yiree hair extension display stand  focus on the combination of beauty and practicality, to bring you an unparalleled display experience. The high quality wooden and metal display frame is solid, providing client a comfortable and reassuring feeling. Yiree display fixture manufacturer pay special attention to detail, and the surface of each display stand is carefully polished and painted to present an elegant texture.

Hair extension display stand

Turning the focus to our product display area, Yiree factory cleverly use different types of display shelves and make a good arrangement according to the characteristics and needs of the product. For small products such as skin care and perfume items, Yiree recommend using multi-level display shelves, neatly arranged, clear and orderly, so that customers can see at a glance. For larger products, such as hair tools, SPA appliances, etc., it is suggested that you choose fully functional floor display shelves to show their practicality and characteristics.

Not only that, the display shelves of beauty salon stores or cosmetics shop also take into account the shopping needs and experience of customers. We specially designed the rotating display rack, so that customers can freely touch each product, enjoy their texture and smell. The rich store display rack combination also provides you with more choices of styles and brands to meet your diverse beauty or business needs.

2.The selection of shelves in beauty salon stores should be considered depending on the characteristics, quantity and rational use of space of products. Here are a few common shelf types that can help you create the perfect beauty salon and makeup shop:

1). Display cabinet: Display cabinet is usually an important part of the beauty salon shop. You can choose clear glass cabinets or open shelves for small products such as skin care products and makeup products. The display cabinet can provide a clear display effect, so that customers can browse and choose the products they are interested in at a glance.

2). Multi-layer display rack: Multi-layer display rack is very suitable for displaying small skin care products, perfume and so on. They typically have layers panels of different heights and widths that allow products to be layered to create more display space. Multi-layer custom display stands are usually made of metal or wood materials, which are strong and durable.

3). Ground display rack: For larger products, such as hair tools, SPA appliances, etc., the ground display rack is a good choice. These display stands usually have a high load-bearing capacity and can be freely arranged according to the shape and size of the product. The ground display rack can better show the practicality and characteristics of the product.

4). Rotating display stand: Rotating display stand allows customers to easily browse and touch each product freely. They usually have a rotatable structure or with wheels, giving customers the freedom to choose the product of interest. The rotating display rack is suitable for small products such as skin care products and makeup products.

5).Wall display shelves: If your store space is limited, wall display shelves are an ideal choice. They can make full use of the walls to provide additional space for displaying products. The wall display shelf can be selected in different shapes and sizes according to the requirements, and can be fixed or movable.

Hair extension display stand3.The display shelf of hair salon products is very important to enhance customers’ desire topurchasing and brand image. Yiree dispaly fixture compiled some suggestions for effective product display in hair salon or cosmetics stores:

Hair extension display stand

1). Division according to product types: Classify hair products according to function or type, and designate corresponding areas in the store. For example, shampoo, hair care, styling,wig types and other products can be displayed in different areas so that customers can quickly find the products they need.

2). Using display cabinets: Display cabinets are ideal for displaying hair products, and high-end or specially recommended products can be placed near the counter to attract customers’ attention. Use transparent glass cabinets or open shelves, so that customers can clearly see the appearance and characteristics of these products.

3). Using multi-layer display shelves: Multi-layer display shelves can be used to display hair or makeup products of various sizes, so that the products are clearly layered and at a glance. Laminates of different heights and widths can be selected according to the shape and size of the product in order to better display different products.

4). Using the wall shelf: the wall shelves cabinet is used as an area to display hair products, which can increase the display space and flexibility. Use wall display shelves or hangers to create a unique display effect by hanging small products such as bobby pins, hair combs, and curlers on the wall.

5). Highlight featured products: If you have some featured products or your own brand of products, you can put them in a prominent position, with bright lighting or high end display shelves to highlight the display and attract customers’ attention.

6). Providing products demonstration area: In order to let customers better understand and experience the product, you can set up a product demonstration area, where the product demonstration is conducted to answer customers’ questions. This interactive display can increase consumer interest and confidence in the product.

In short, effective hair product display stand needs to consider product classification, display methods, the prominence of featured products and customer experience and other factors. Constantly try and adjust the display and optimize according to customers feedback to improve sales and customer satisfaction. Good luck with your Beauty Salon Store or Makeup Brand shop!

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