Eyewear displays is a combination of art and marketing

1. Eyewear displays is a combination of art and marketing

Its main function is to promote sunglasses store sales and spread brand culture. Specifically reflected in the following points:

1). Strengthen Eyewear products displays to increase customers’ purchasing desire.

2). Create a style, in conjunction with the internal and external environmental factors of sunglasses shop display, using different design techniques and materials to create a style and highlight the visual style of eyeglass display cabinet.

3). Expressing brand stories and showing product information.

4). Explore potential consumers and display the store’s scenes and products through display windows from the storefront, making it possible for the flow of people to stay at the sunglasses shop and place the order

2. What functions should eyewear display cabinets have?

1). Display function:

As the most basic function of an eyewear display cabinet, as a display product, it should first be able to display the product. Displaying the functional and external design of optical display cabinet for consumers, makes them understand the product more intuitively. Through the use of sunglasses display cabinets, the display of goods will appear orderly, bringing consumers good visual enjoyment.

2). Stimulating purchasing power:

When the product is displayed in the eyewear display cabinet, it will create a huge magnetic force on consumers. The eyewear display cabinet is equipped with auxiliary facilities such as lights and mirrors, which can enhance the charm of the product and make it shine under its influence, just like diamonds can only bloom in the sun, morever stimulating consumer purchasing behavior.

3). The function of attracting consumers

When consumers enter sunglasses brand shop, unique and fashionable eyewear display cabinets can easily attract consumers to the counter. For consumers, the first thing that attracts them is not the effectiveness of the eyewear display cabinet, but the visual impact it brings, which is the most prominent performance of a good sunglasses display cabinet on exhibition.

3.99% of people do not pay attention to the placement techniques of eyewear display cabinets

1). Natural line of sight

The placement of the eyeglass display cabinet must not obstruct customers’ view into the counter, and also the entrance and exit of the store should not be obstructed, creating a feeling of winding paths and secluded spaces for customers. Because in this way, we can try to extend the customer’s stay time as much as possible. The more time the customer stays, the greater the opportunity for us.

2). Standard placement

To display sunglasses pairs better, it is necessary to first understand the sunglasses display cabinet and develop appropriate placement standards. Especially when there are a variety of products, we need to understand the frame types of these sunglasses display cabinets and arrange them according to suitable standards in order to achieve orderliness.

3). Placement principles

The design principles of the passage in the sunglasses store are convenience, guidance, and no dead corners. The placement of eyewear displays is based on this principle. We should make it easy for customers to enter, pass through, and browse the entire process of the sunglasses store, following the principle of not leaving any blind spots, this will be more beneficial for the management of sunglasses products and prevent them from being lost.

4). Combination placement

Reasonably utilizing the space of the eyewear store and the matching techniques of different eyewear display cabinets can bring more sales performance to the sellers. Each placement method directly affects the sales of optical shops, so different combination methods should be tailored according to the needs of the eyewear store, in order to maximize the performance of the eyewear store.

The design of eyewear display cabinets is the primary criterion for attracting customers, but to retain customers, it is required that eyewear display cabinets be clean and tidy, and that the products presented are orderly and well arranged. Facing such a platform, customers can be flawless and smoothly sell their products. In addition, appropriate advertising or service language can be configured at appropriate locations in the store door, pillars, and counters to enhance the sales atmosphere of the product.

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